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Crow Gleann helps incarcerated Pagans with their spiritual journey through Wiccan Sabbat newsletters, videos, and educational materials.

We began our journey with the SCDC inmates in 2011. Since then, we have expanded our contact list to volunteers and chaplains in over 30 states.

We partner with other Pagan prison ministries with information on Pagan paths such as Druidry and Asatru.

Our goal is to assist inmates to practice their Pagan faith whether in a group or as a solitary practitioner.

Why We Serve

Stories from former Pagan inmates inspired the motivation for assisting incarcerated Pagans with religious materials. The stress and difficulties of living in the prison system perpetuate the need for spiritual support. As Pagans are the minority, Crow Gleann is committed to assisting Pagan inmates with their spiritual practice.

How We Serve

  • We email newsletters to chaplains for each Sabbat (eight per year).

  • We can mail chaplains a copy of our 101 manual (60 pages) or mail the document on a DVD disk in .PDF format.

  • We can mail chaplains videos of our Wicca 101 class. These videos are available on .mp4 (USB flashdrive) or on a DVD disk.


You can download any Crow Gleann documents or videos from:

Contact Us

PO Box 81214 Simpsonville SC 29680

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